DesignBuilder is the first comprehensive user interface for EnergyPlus.

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Educational and Other Discounts

We seek to promote understanding of building simulation in those training to become building engineers, designers, architects and associated professions. To that end we offer substantial discounts to the educational community. We also offer other discounts from time to time.

Educational Discount

You are entitled to a 50% discount on the listed commercial price if:

l You are purchasing DesignBuilder for educational use within a college, university, school or other
  educational establishment or
l You are a commercial organisation planning to use the software exclusively for educational events
  such as training workshops.

Student Discount

Student discounts of 90% are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students wishing to use DesignBuilder on their own computer. When applying for a student discount, you must supply the name of your educational establishment, the department, the name of your supervisor and a departmental contact telephone number. You are not entitled to direct support, other than via the forums. If you plan to use DesignBuilder for research projects or you need to install the software on a computer at your school, college or university you should purchase an educational license (above).

Other Discounts

Occasionally we provide promotional or user specific discounts. We also provide discounts in connection to the Workshops and Software Trainings that we hold, so if you belive that you qualify for a discount, fill out the doscount application form and provide details of the basis for a discount. If you qualify, we will email you voucher code and the discount amount.

How to Apply for a Discount Voucher

Please make sure you are logged in before you access the discount application form. If you do not have a login and password, please register.

1. Fill in our discount application form giving contact details of your organisation and course of study.
2. Once we approve your application you will be notified by email. The email will include a discount voucher code. (We usually respond within 24 hours).
3. Enter the code during the checkout stage of your order to obtain your discount.

Click here for the discount application form (you must be logged in to the site to access the form)

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