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FENSTRUCT is a Microsoft Windows based PC program for analyzing structural performance Fenstructof fenestration products. The calculations are done using industry standard procedures in AAMA 103. Program is based on a database driven library of cross sections and dies. The main program screen includes list of all standard cases specified in AAMA 103 standard document, as well as some common special case. Additional special cases can be added per manufacturer's request. Program works and outputs in both sets of units, IP and SI.
The program calculates load distributions, deflections and stresses of frame members and for each member pass/fail criteria are displayed. Results also include calculation of maximum bending moment. Calculations are done for design and structural pressure. Standard product and cross-section reports are generated and are available for printing or pdf file generation.

The main FENSTRUCT features are:

     Calculates structural performance of arbitrary fenestration system
     Includes all major fenestration types, including generic custom type
     Works and outputs in both sets of units, IP and SI
     Produces reports for inclusion with product literature
     Database driven library of cross sections and dies.

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