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Computer tool for generating NFRC certified reports and spreadsheets(i.e., appendix E) from WINDOW 5 database

SIMGEN (formerly known as W52APPE) is a Microsoft Windows based PC program for generating simulation spreadsheets and simulation reports in accordance with NFRC certified procedures. The program reads WINDOW 5 database for each product line and automatically generates spreadsheelts formatted as per NFRC LAP 2001 Appendix E requirements. This Appendix E spreadsheet is ready for upload to the certified NFRC database on the web. The Appendix E spreadsheet also includes an expanded version and summary report (incorporated into a single spreadsheet file). SIMGEN also generates a complete certification report, ready for submission to the IA. The program includes graphical users interface (GUI) for easy data input. Common data is input through a form that prompts user to input all the important information needed for the certification report, saving that information within WINDOW5 database file for future retrieval. The SIMGEN program is a user-friendly tool and requires a very short time to learn how to use it. At the same time, this program greatly simplifies and automates creation of the NFRC simulation spreadsheets and reports, while eliminating errors due to manual data transfer.

The main SIMGEN features are:

l Reads and imports WINDOW 5 database and saves information specific for Appendix E header for future use
l Use of proprietary codes that allow automated transfer from WINDOW 5 database to Appendix E and reports
l Exports WINDOW 5 database information into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in LAP Appendix E format
l Groups products based on glazing, spacer, frame emissivity, etc. (user input controlled rules)
l Produces NFRC certified reports, including summary sheets, WINDOW 5 reports, and auxiliary tables
l Works and outputs in both sets of units, IP and SI
l Automatically performs NFRC error checking
l Customized reports for a simulation laboratory included in price

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