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THERM & WINDOW Technical Support

The purchase entitles you to annual technical support, which includes 5 hours of dedicated telephone or email support, unlimited web based support, copy of SPACER program and 20% discount for software training workshop. The initial cost is $650/yr, with renewal fee of $550/yr. Purchase of renewal service entitles you to the free update of SPACER program and continue discounts for software training.

THERM program is two-dimensional (2-D) finite element program for calculating heat transfer in fenestration systems and other building envelope construtions. In addition to conduction heat transfer, the program also handles detailed radiation heat transfer, based on view factors. It also incorporates convection heat transfer modeling in glazing cavities.

WINDOW program serves two purposes. To calculate "center of glass" one dimensional (1-D) heat transfer and solar optical properteis of glazing systems. Glazing configurations can be arbitrary constructed and can have up to 6 glazing layers, consisteing of either glass or plastic. The other purpose of WINDOW program is to be a "collection point", where the complete window is assembled. Results are imported from THERM program for frame and "edge-of-glass" components, which are combined with glazing layers into complete fenestration system (window, skylight, curtain wall, etc.)

WINDOW program incorporates large glass library with over 1,000 entries from every leading glass, laminate, or applied film manufacturer in United States. The program also incorporates libraries of environmental conditions and gas properties. The underlying data structure is in Microsoft Access format. Again, it is highly recommended to undergo a training course in using WINDOW program prior to begining the use.

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