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DesignBuilder Software is pleased to announce the release of a new, easy to use energy analysis program for evaluating fenestration options in commercial buildings EFEN.
EFEN is a next generation energy analysis tool using EnergyPlus simulation engine and intelligent building generator. It is packaged in a user friendly program suitable for quick analysis in early stages of design, comparative energy analysis of different fenestration options and prediction of the whole building energy use, and prediction of the size of HVAC equipment.


EFEN is also very useful in early stages of design when decisions are made about the placement and type of fenestration products, building orientation, overall building shape, prediction of the whole building energy use and prediction of the size of HVAC equipment.

Use EFEN to:
. Calculate energy and cost savings for your building
. Calculate energy and first year equipment cost savings
. Choose from a library of more than 500 windows (or input your own)
. Choose among numerous building types and shapes
. Choose US or international weather locations (over 1,300 locations)
. Quickly complete your model, in few minutes

Additional program features include:
. Choice of 7 building types/uses and 6 geometries (shapes) for a total of 42 different buildings
. 3-D building preview in real time
. Option to enter your own windows
. Automated download of weather data files by zip, city/state choice
. Annual energy use and peak loads
. Automated HVAC generation
. Daylighting controls
. Choice of temperature setback and economizer
. Automated insulation levels based on the climate zone, worldwide
. Parametric analysis for different fenestration products
. Automated web program updates

EFEN is recommended for: fenestration industry, code officials, engineers, architects, utilities, academia, etc.

Customized versions of this program with links to the manufacturers' database of products are available and negotiable.

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