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offers number of quality software tools for modeling energy, fluid flow, structural, and acoustical performance of buildings and building components.

The list below outlines basic features and capabilities of each software package. More details about each tool can be found by clicking on the links below or on the left.

DesignBuilder is a revolutionary new lbuilding energy simulation and visualisation tool. Developed for use at all stages of building design, DesignBuilder combines state-of-the-art thermal simulation software with an easy-to-use yet powerful 3D modeller.
EFEN: Program for the analysis ofl annual energy performance of commercial fenestration systems. The program provides intuitive and extremely user-friendly GUI and analyses energy and financial impacts of the selection of window systems for a commercial building.
SIMGEN: SIMGEN is a Microsoft Windows lbased PC program for generating simulation spreadsheets and simulation reports in accordance with NFRC certified procedures. The program reads WINDOW 5 database and automatically generates spreadsheets formatted as per LAP 2001 Appendix E requirements.
FENSTRUCT: Computer tool for analyzing lfenestration structural performance. The calculations are done as per AAMA 103 standard with Pass/Fail criteria based on maximum deflection and maximum moment.
GLASTRUCT: Windows based program for lthe structural analysis of glass and glazing systems according to ASTM E1300-02.
SPACER: Program for selection, and linsertion of a spacer assembly into the THERM model. SPACER program provides access to a comprehensive library of different spacer configurations from all leading spacer manufacturers.
THERM program is two-dimensional (2-D) finite element program for calculating heat transfer in fenestration systems and other building envelope construtions. In additionl to conduction heat transfer, the program also handles detailed radiation heat transfer, based on view factors.
WINDOW WINDOW program serves two purposes. To calculate "center of glass" one dimensional (1-D) heat transfer and solarl optical properteis of glazing systems. Glazing configurations can be arbitrary constructed and can have up to 6 glazing layers, consisteing of either glass or plastic.

Following programs are currently under development:

INTEGRA: Integrated tool, consisting of lFENSIZE, FENSTRUCT, GLASTRUCT, and FESOUND. This tool will provide integrated environment for ratinga nd design of fenestration products.
FENSOUND: Windows based PC programl for the analysis and simulation of acoustical performance of glazing and whole fenestration products.

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